This systemic enzyme has caused a lot of excitement in the natural supplement community.  It is relatively new to the market and it has been reported to provide a number of health benefits.  Our Serrazyme (also spelled serrazime) is offered in 40,000 IU Veggie Capsules which are micro-enteric coated to help ensure maximum assimilation.

SerraZyme (Serrapeptase) has been studied for its effective removal of organic waste in the body. Waste like scar tissue, arterial plaque, endometriosis implants, pus, cysts and more.

It has been called the miracle enzyme and is a stand alone product for cardio health, endocrine cleansing, respitory system congestion and just about any organic matter that has built up in the body.

For those who suffer from infertility issues Serrazyme is part of our Endometriosis Pack used at for the NPC Shutdown (known as the Natural Progesterone Cream Shutdown)